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You've got questions, we've got answers! If you don't find the answers you need here, our Media Decor Pros and Customer Advocates are available to assist you using our Contact Form, Send us an Email, Use our Live Chat – or just give us a call!

Q. How can I use a frame if my TV is recessed into the wall?

A. Our classic wood frames and metallic frames are 100% compatible with wall recesses. We’ll ask you for the measurements of your recess and hand-craft or hand-fabricate your wood or metallic frame to spec.

Q. Do you make the box frames that the other TV frame companies sell?

A. No, we don’t. Why? IOHO, these box frames just don't fit with our custom product line, as they are a one size fits all lower-end option, and if we can be so bold to say, they look quite ridiculous to us. Our solution to this is the Media Panel, which doesn’t pretend to be a frame, and still turns the TV into a gorgeous piece of art! The Media Panel is our proprietary design and we're proud to be the only company that offers it – and as always, every millimeter of wood is meticulously hand-crafted for your TV model and mount.

Q. Will the frames block the sound from my TV?

A. Absolutely not, we account for sound flow as part of your unique frame design.

Q. Will the frames cause my TV to over-heat?

A. Absolutely not, we build in ventilation space as part of your unique frame design.

Q. How fast can I have my frame delivered?

A. That depends on where you are shipping your order, and the processing time you select. Your frame can be at your door in as fast as 10 business days using our rush or expedite options or in the normal production range of around 21 business days.

Q. Will my remote control still work if the infrared eye on my TV is blocked by the frame?

A. We offer an optional remote control range extender with each frame. This will actually enable your remote to work from a larger area than before.

Q. I need help with ideas for my artisanal TV or tablet frame, can you help me?

A. Yes we can! Our Media Decor Pros are certified interior decorators and industrial designers on standby across the world. Just use our Design Assistance FormContact FormSend us an Email, Use our Live Chat, or call one of our international design centers to get started right now – no appointment needed.

Q. Can you match my frame to a paint sample or other color?

A. Absolutely! You can use our Design Assistance Form to upload a camera shot of any color. To take photos of your paint samples, fabric, furniture, or other surface, we recommend you hold your camera 3", 6", and 12" away, and take photos at all three distances. It is important to take the photos in white lighting (not yellow) WITH NO FLASH (as flash will change the color tone). You can retake the photos until you are sure the image in your camera or phone matches the actual color. You can also email samples to us at Info@ArtisanalTVFrames.com

Since digital photos might be slightly different from the physical color, if you want 100% guaranteed exact color matching, you can mail us a physical sample to our corporate office address available on our Contact Page

Q. Can I return my frame if I don’t like it?

A. Because our frames are custom made for your exact TV, mount, and recess – no two frames are alike. This is why we work so closely with you during the initial design. We also have rigid quality assurance measures at several points in the production process.  If you received a frame made to the exacts specifications of your order, it cannot be returned.  If we have not delivered to you exactly what you ordered, we will instantly make it right - and cover all charges including shipping.

Q. How long does it take to place an order?

A. If you’re looking for one, or a few frames, and you know exactly what you want, you can design your custom frame in our Design Wizard and place your order in about 5 minutes. Other orders with several different designs of different frames may require assistance. Some customers want us to help in every step of the design and order process – we’ll work with you as long as you need to make sure your unique work of-art is exactly what you have envisioned.

Q. Can I return my frame if it doesn’t fit?

A. If the frame does not fit, and the measurements you gave us were correct, we will absolutely replace the frame at zero cost to you. We’ll even expedite production and shipping of the new frame - at our cost of course.

Q. How long will your stainless frames last outside or inside a beachfront location?

A. Our stainless TV frames for indoor and outdoor use are backed by our 10 year warranty. They will not corrode or rust and they last practically forever.

Q. Why are your marine (yacht) frames different?

A. Our specialty wood or stainless steel marine frames are finished with rust and corrosion resistant specialized treatments and hand-crafted for high salt and humidity exposure resistance.  Our wood Outdoor TV Frames are not available on our website yet, so please contact us to begin a design.

Q. Where do you get your materials and where are your products made?

A. Artisanal TV Frames is based in Miami in the USA, but we have operations globally. Being very selective about using only the absolute highest quality raw materials, finishes, and components - over 90% of our materials are Made in the USA. We do however use some exotic materials from different regions of the world and your product may be crafted in our different manufacturing centers depending upon what you order and to where it will ship.

Q. Do you make TV Art Covers?

A. No we do not. We only develop product lines where we know we can produce a superior product to anything in the market, and the leading supplier of TV Art Covers does a great job with this product. We recommend you contact them if you are looking for a TV Art Cover.

Q. Do you make the mirrored TV frames?

A. Our unique “Reveal” TV Mirror Technology is available for our Classic Wood and our Metallic Frames. Your TV Frame with 'Reveal' TV Mirror Technology will show an image when the TV is on, and a beautifully framed mirror when the TV is off.

Q. My frame is not what I expected, can I return it for a refund?

A. Because our frames are custom made for your exact TV, mount, and recess – no two frames are alike. This is why we work so closely with you during initial design. We also have rigid quality assurance measures at several points in the production process.  If you received a frame made to the exact specifications of your order, it cannot be returned.  If we have not delivered to you exactly what you ordered, we will instantly make it right - and cover all charges including shipping.

Q. Can I return my frame if it is damaged upon delivery?

A. While this almost never happens, we will absolutely make sure you get what you paid for, but it’s important to take as many pictures of the frame and box as possible immediately upon arrival as all frames are shipped with insurance. We’ll go ahead and ship you a new frame immediately upon receiving the photos, even with expedited production and shipping at zero cost to you. You won’t need to wait on the insurance claim to receive a replacement frame. Design changes may not be made to replacement frames.

Q. Are there quantity discounts available?

A. Yes, we offer significant discounts for larger orders, along with an specialized group for attending volume clients.  The Partner Relations team has amazing tools and capabilities that are unique in the industry.

Q. I am a hotel or business with a need for many frames, what is your capacity and how fast can you make them?

A. As our frames are artisanal hand-crafted and hand-fabricated frames, we do not use production lines like our competitors. However, our business was built to scale to accommodate large orders. To date, we have been able to meet the needs, budgets, and timelines of every volume order. Please contact us to begin a project plan so we can meet and surpass your expectations.

Q. Is my frame going to be made from genuine wood?

A. Our hardwood selection includes domestic and imported exotic woods. Our offering of hand-selected fine exotic woods is impressive, while we can accommodate special requests as well.

Q. Will the frame work with my 'Curved' TV?

A. You bet!  Please see our NEW! Exclusive Media Panel

Q. What is the difference between your Wood Media Panel and Classic Wood TV Frame?

A. The Classic Wood TV Frame has a border (with or without our ‘Reveal’ TV Mirror Technology) that transforms your frame into a work of art, or conceals your TV (when turned off) as a beautiful framed mirror. Our Media Panel accentuates your TV as an integrated furniture accessory with the optional shelf for holding electronic accessories such as cable boxes, DVD players, or speakers – with option cable management to manage and conceal cabling. The shelf can also be used for decorative items. The Media Panel is highly recommended for full motion (articulating and telescoping) wall mounts, where the panel hides the mount and gives a faux effect having a frame around it, even when the TV is extended in any position.

Q. For which types of TVs, Home Automation System Dashboards, Alarm System Control Panels, Digital Picture Frames, or Tablets can you hand-craft frames?

A. Our products are 100% custom and hand-made, so we can produce frames for every TV and tablet model in existence.

Q. I have my Home Automation System Dashboard Tablet on a wall dock or mount, can you build a frame for it?

A. Our Custom Tablet Frames include our proprietary Earth Magnet Portable Mounting System, but we can certainly hand-craft or fabricate or wood or metallic tablet frame to accommodate your existing dock or mount.

Q. What if I don’t have a mount or dock for my tablet?

A. Our Custom Wood and Metallic Tablet Frames include the optional ability to mount your tablet to the wall using our proprietary Earth Magnet Portable Mounting System – and it’s easy to install.  We also have additional mounting panel kits which enable you to seamlessly move the tablet and frame from surface to surface.

Q. How can I provide power to my tablet on the wall?

A. Powering your tablet requires an electrician or savvy do-it-yourselfer. Since our tablet frames are specially designed to allow connecting to the side or back of the tablet, our frame won’t impede your ability to connect power to the tablet. However we do recommend you order your wood or metallic frame first before installing the power so your electrician can work within the space of the frame – but this is not required.

Q. How do you install your stainless and aluminum TV frames?

A. The stainless and aluminum frames (including Outdoor TV Frames) install just like the Classic Wood Frames – simply place the frame over the front of your TV and fasten and tighten the straps. It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Q. How do I install my range extender?

A. Your range extender comes pre-installed in your frame. Simply complete two additional steps. First, connect the USB cable to the side or back of your TV to power the extender or connect the USB wall AC Power Adapter to the wall if your TV's USB ports do not supply power in TV off mode.  Lastly, place the small transmitter of the extender over or around the infrared receiver of your TV using the adhesive backing. Please see the video for complete instructions by clicking here.

Q. Where do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?

A. In the event your product is arriving internationally to any of the countries in our current distribution footprint (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia), due to our special arrangement with FedEx, we are the importer of record, and will cover any import costs related to clearing your product through customs. This process should be transparent to you and your product will just arrive at your doorstep.

If you are ordering from any other country where we do not have distribution, we can ship to you anywhere in the world, but you'll need to clear you own package through customs and pay any import taxes and duties. We are expanding our markets rapidly, so please check the country selector on our website to see if we have arrived in your market for future orders.

Q. Do you offer installation?

As a courtesy to our clients, we offer an on-site installation service for almost every type of installation for our Wood Classic TV Frames, Metal TV Frames, Outdoor TV Frames, Media Panels, 'Reveal' TV Mirror (glass sheets), and Tablet Frames.  You may purchase on-site installation when designing and ordering your frame in the Design Wizards on our site.

The services are subcontracted to our participating partners in our Dealer Network in the countries we serve (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa). The price you pay on our site for install should be the final price, but should there be special circumstances or complications with your install, this price could change. We will make you aware of any price change before any work is completed. Also, if your installation location is outside of our partners' service areas, then there might also be an additional charge. We will notify you before proceeding to your location if this is the case.

All work performed during installation is performed by third parties, and is not guaranteed by Artisanal TV Frames. While we only contract with partners that are bonded, insured, and specialists in the field of AudioVisual installation, we shall not be responsible for their work nor shall we have any liability for their actions.  We do work closely with the installer on technical and procedural details to ensure are smooth and successful install that meets your expectations.

We will however, work with you and our partner to insure the work is performed to your satisfaction and without incurring any costs beyond the amount you have paid us for the work.